Ambient Music; a side project...

For a long time I have been seeking piano music that filled a certain space between static and flowing, between harmonic and sonic, and used the sound of the piano itself rather than an abstract combination of notes, melodies, and chords. Eventually it arrived from within. 
Going against my experience as a classical pianist with high-end recording practices and state of the art pianos, It is a craft recording of music written around the resonance of a 1967 Yamaha spinet piano that I own. It has an interesting sound due to it's solid spruce soundboard and drop-action mechanism. 
It was recorded at home on October 12th 2016 with a Tascam iM2 mic for iPhone 4S at 44.1kHz and is one single live take split into tracks. It is recommended that it be heard as a wav file, and it does contain a few piano noises and faint background sounds. At the end of track 6 one of the King Parrots that come and sit on our veranda can be heard. They like pistachios most of all.